iron maiden – book of souls

since im living in japan, i must admit, that im not really informed about upcoming records, or anything… not that i lost interest, i think i just dont think about it and that is all… with that said, there was one record i couldnt wait for any longer: the new maiden…

maiden has been one of the first metal bands i liked and one of the first records i owned and it was the first metal band i have ever seen live, in 93… so naturally i was really happy when they announced a new record… and this time i even had high hopes, since the last records havent been very good, except for a few tracks… actually in my opinion, fear of the dark was already kind of bad.. when it came out, i liked it (actually i bought the cassette, so i could hear it as soon as possible), but now i dont like it at all, except for judas be my guide, one of my all time maiden favourites…

anyway, after i heard the first single, i was really surprised, it sounded awesome… so when the record came out, i got it as fast as i could… and i wasnt disappointed… the first 3 tracks are awesome, actually, if eternity should fail and speed of light would make perfect openers on the upcomig tour… when the river runs deep starts of moonchild like and death or glorys intro sounds a little like wasted years, im not sure if i like that, but in the end, except for the man of sorrows i like all the tracks on that record…

it sounds new, reminds me of somewhere, 7th son and powerslave from time to time, in a positive way, without sounding like running out of ideas, whats more to say… i actually might even go if they show up live… already best record in 2015!


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